The Boy Scouts of America manages over 1,000 properties around the country, including day camps, overnight campgrounds, adventure bases, conference centers, and museums. These properties exist to provide one-of-a-kind experiences to the youth we serve, but also offer unique experiences for families, schools, communities, corporations and in many cases, other youth-serving organizations.

Each year, over a million boys and girls attend a long-term Scout camp around the country. These camps provide youth with life-changing, hands-on experiences, the memories and impact of which will last a lifetime. They try new activities, enjoy meals with friends, climb mountains, and in most cases, still carry their electronic devices, share photos online, and act like regular kids. Brands from all industries have an unprecedented opportunity to be a part of that experience by providing the expertise, resources, programs, and venues that make it all possible. Scout camp is a powerful opportunity to introduce your brand to your next generation of customers.



Youth love riding ATVs, but doing so safely and responsibly is a major concern for the future of the sport and the future of the environment. In 2014, the BSA announced a 10-year partnership with Polaris, the leading manufacturer of off-road vehicles, to promote off-road safety practices, respect for the environment, and the benefits of outdoor activities.

Through this partnership, Polaris will provide all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), side-by-sides (SxS), and safety equipment to select Scout camps across the country, putting their product in the hands of tens of thousands of future outdoor enthusiasts while providing Scouts with the experience of a lifetime.

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Nobody offers more exhilarating or meaningful adventure for young people than the Boy Scouts of America. Our four national “High Adventure” bases provide opportunities for young men, young women, and adult volunteers to experience the great outdoors while creating lasting memories that foster character and leadership abilities. With over 100,000 youth and adults attending these bases annually, brands have an enormous opportunity to be a part of the experience.

Each year, more than a million boys and girls around the country attend one of our 1,000 local properties providing them with life-changing, hands-on experiences. Youth can try new activities, enjoy meals with friends, climb mountains, and in most cases, still carry their electronic devices, share photos online, and act like regular kids. Scout camps are a powerful opportunity to introduce brands to its next generation of customers.


The BSA manages numerous education and service centers both locally and nationally. These centers are used to train Scouts and adult volunteers in outdoor skills, safety, and best practices in Scouting. They’re also used for corporate retreats, where companies have an opportunity to unite their team and share common experiences in a remarkable setting.


The National Scouting Museum’s collections (located in Irving, Texas) span more than a century of American history, highlighting the role Scouting has played from the White House to the first steps on the Moon. The museum also houses a remarkable Norman Rockwell collection, as Rockwell’s career as an artist began in 1912 with a job at Boys’ Life Magazine, the official magazine of the BSA. Corporate engagement opportunities include interactive exhibits, special collections, and online learning tools.

The Philmont Museum (located at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico) houses exhibits related to the history, art, and natural history of the Philmont area. The museum features rotating exhibits, ensuring repeat visitors always have something new to explore.

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