The Boy Scouts of America works with millions of parents and adult mentors to teach kids the skills they need to succeed in life. Through a number of innovative programs tailored to the unique needs of today’s youth, Scouting fosters career exploration, community engagement, and character development.

Scouting programs are an opportunity for your brand to take a hands-on approach to customer engagement while having a positive, meaningful impact on America’s youth. We offer 135 “Merit Badges” that teach Scouts about sports, crafts, science, trades, business, and future careers. Our STEM initiatives (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) expose youth to 21st century skills and competencies.

Our humanitarian programs teach Scouts the importance of doing “a good turn daily,” the Scout slogan. And our “All Markets” strategy ensures that Scouting reaches underserved and minority populations. Brands have an opportunity to be involved at every level of these programs, providing the expertise, educational materials, and products that provide Scouts a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience while building brand awareness and customer loyalty.




Earning the rank of Eagle Scout takes dedication, hard work, and leadership. Each Eagle Scout completes a large-scale service project that can entail hundreds of man hours and require an extensive list of supplies. Lowe’s saw an opportunity for alignment with its Charitable and Educational Foundation and created the Lowe’s National Eagle Scout Project Impact Grant, giving thousands of $100 grants toward Eagle Scout projects across the country.

The program puts Lowe’s in the center of these projects while helping Scouts improve their communities and learn life skills in leadership and service.

More than just a patch, Merit Badges are a critical means of advancement through the Scouting ranks. To reach Scouting’s highest rank, Eagle Scout, a young man needs to earn at least 21 different Merit Badges (and many Scouts earn more than that).

These badges cover skills from first aid to cooking to personal fitness. In 2015 alone, Scouts earned approximately two million merit badges covering 136 subjects. And we’re always adding new badges to teach kids relevant skills while capturing their imaginations. Recently added Merit Badges include Game Design, Programming, SustainabilitySearch and Rescue, and Animation. Our partners have an unprecedented opportunity to build their brand and sponsor specific Merit Badges by providing content, expertise and educational resources.

“Career readiness” has recently become a buzzword, but for decades it has been a central focus of the Boy Scouts of America. Our programs train youth in STEM, leadership and trade skills, preparing them for any career path they may choose.

Service is a key component of Scouting. Our service and humanitarian programs teach youth the importance of setting aside their own needs to improve their communities, nation, and the world.

Scouting is for families and youth from all walks of life and all different circumstances. We’ve developed several strategies to help us deliver our programs to underserved markets.

Times change and needs change, and the BSA constantly seeks ways to make our existing programs better. We do this through collecting and evaluating data and feedback from parents, youth, alumni, our partners and the general public.

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