This first-of-its-kind program is building long-term personal relationships with the primary purchasers of Polaris equipment – men and families who love the outdoors. The program provides Scouts a positive, fun brand experience through hands-on safety training programs, educational content, contests, print & digital advertising and the opportunity to earn the Polaris ATV Safety patch.

The Partner

“Because our off-road vehicles are predominantly used and purchased by men and families that love the outdoors (i.e. hunting, fishing, camping), establishing a positive, fun Polaris brand experience with Boy Scouts is good business—it helps to create future customers. In addition, with the strident safety program in place with this partnership, teaching youth how to enjoy our products safely and in an environmentally responsible manner also ensures the long-term sustainability of the sport.”  

– Jan Rintamaki, Polaris’ director of customer experience

Program Details

This immersion marketing program capitalizes on the power of Scouting Works 360 degree engagement platform.  The Polaris/BSA program includes the following elements:

  • ATV Safety Program at select BSA camps
  • Event Engagement
  • Contests
  • Educational Materials
  • Print, Digital and Social Media

In addition to implementing ATV safety training programs at select local camps and national high-adventure bases, Polaris® and BSA teamed up to produce a series of videos that raise awareness on ATV safety and environmental stewardship. Polaris® also hosted an ATV Gear Up and Ride Contest that encouraged Scouts to watch the safety videos and then take a safety quiz to enter a contest.



Testimonials are one of the most persuasive influences for consumers as they research a product or service. Why? Because these endorsements are organic and authentic. So, when we expanded the newly formed Scouting Polaris ATV Safety program was expanded, we asked the test Councils what they thought. Here is what a few of them had to say:

  • “It was a tremendous success the first summer; kids loved it!” – Pat Curry, Scout Executive at Circle Ten Council, Dallas, TX 
  • “In fact, we’re purchasing our third Polaris machine, outside of our regular program of ATV, that would not have been possible without the partnership with Polaris.” – Scott Arrington, Camping Director at Circle Ten Council, Dallas TX
  • “Their [Polaris’] involvement with what we’re doing at camp is going to help us retain, and possible recruit more young people to participate in Scouting.” – Pat Curry, Council Executive at Circle Ten Council, Dallas, TX

Testimonials from Scouts themselves demonstrated how avid they are about the program. Equally as important, Council members are enthusiastic about the benefits.

The Councils explained benefits include Scout recruitment, enhanced relationships with local Polaris dealers, and the program’s keen focus on safety.

At its core, the Polaris / BSA partnership, rooted in the alignment of both organization’s values, is effective, positive, and engaging for all involved.

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