Every modern marketer needs to cut through a lot of noise, and connect with prospects and clients in a meaningful way. To reach parents and their kids, brands need to establish trust, and trust does not come easy. Savvy parents are skeptical of marketing messages that target their family. They need to know that the media their family consumes is safe, inspiring, and purposeful.

ClassB, a promotional garment company and licensee of the BSA, began marketing its services to Scouting nearly 17 years ago with classified advertisements in Scouting magazine. ClassB continues to expand their marketing investment with the Boy Scouts of America by way of Scouting Works, and it’s paying off—orders from Scouts continue to increase from new and repeat customers. Over nearly two decades, ClassB has quadrupled is warehouse space to accommodate for its massive sales growth.

The Partner

“ClassB has realized great success through advertising in Scouting magazine! Since this publication has the largest reach to our Scouting customer base, we have increased our exposure and frequency of orders from repeat customers. When attending Scout events, adult volunteers often greet ClassB staff with: ‘Hey, ClassB! I’ve seen your ads in Scouting magazine!'”  

– Marketing Director

Program Details

This on-going program exemplifies the value of tapping into the loyalty of Scouts and our extended community including families, volunteers, and staff. Utilizing a combination of licensing, paid media and event activations, ClassB continues to grow its lucrative custom garment business. The ClassB/Scouting Works partnership includes:

  • Display and classified ads in Scouting and Boys’ Life magazines
  • Contest promotions and content marketing campaigns
  • BSA national event exhibits and activations
  • Limited Edition Collector’s 2013 National Jamboree totem patch set
  • BSA Licensee

Scouting Works creates integrated marketing, media and sales opportunities for companies like ClassB that reach millions of youth and families and help achieve business goals.

Authentic Scouting Engagement

Over the past few years, ClassB consistently continues to engage Scouting youth and adults with the successful execution of several integrated media promotions. These programs include magazine-media based print, online and social contests, which have generated engagement which have generated more than 10,000 collective entries. Focal points of the promotions ranged from the chance to win custom Troop t-shirts to useful gear and prizes for the upcoming year’s Pinewood Derby season.

To maximize interactions between nearly 57,000 participants and different brands at the 2013 National Jamboree, ClassB developed a revolutionary experiential marketing concept. They developed, designed and produced 7,500 totem patch sets. Attendees were encouraged to collect all 15 patches (to complete the totem) during the 10-day event by visiting various brand activation areas. 

It was such a hit that every single available patch was claimed before the event was even half over. The 2013 National Jamboree totem patch set is now a limited-edition collector’s item for Scouters. Now that’s what we call engagement!

Scouting Works Engagement Marketing Programs

BSA integrated engagement programs utilize a combination of marketing, media and sales opportunities. Each integrated approach reaches millions of youth and families and is focused on building sales and loyalty for your brand. Leverage the powerful allegiance of Scouting families and alumni to build meaningful long-term relationships with your target audience.

Be Seen by Millions of Families

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