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The Boy Scouts of America has a comprehensive, multi-channel sales platform that includes traditional retail, ecommerce, fundraising, and national and local purchasing. These channels open up immediate opportunities for brands to increase revenue and reach America’s youth through both nationwide and hyper-local distribution. Additionally, brands have an opportunity to partner with the BSA to drive sales in third-party channels such as traditional retailers and ecommerce through marketing campaigns and promotions.

Scout shops

The BSA operates over 300 brick-and-mortar “Scout Shops” across the country and has several hundred official distributors. These stores carry not only Scouting supplies, but also select products that are of interest to youth and their families, including outdoor gear, hobby supplies and apparel. The stores are also used for product demonstrations, community gatherings, and special events.


The BSA’s flagship online store,, is a growing ecommerce channel with sales of not only BSA products, but also books, general outdoor gear, crafts, apparel and gifts. It is a go-to source for learning about and preparing for any Scouting adventure.


Fundraising is a major opportunity to increase revenue while supporting Scouts at a local level. Fundraising introduces your product to a new audience through a carrier consumers trust: the youth of the Boy Scouts of America. Fundraising helps youth pay their own way in Scouting and teaches them initiative, self-reliance, and leadership skills. Additionally, these funds are used to support Scouts who otherwise might not be able to afford the program. Local Scout units also use these funds to attend camps, purchase equipment and deliver unique experiences for our youth.

Camp Trading Posts

Hundreds of Scout camps across the country feature “trading posts” where scouts can stock up on supplies, food, apparel, and memorabilia. With over a million campers each year, many of these shops could be considered full-service retail outlets.


With thousands of properties and offices around the country and millions of youth to serve, the BSA works with product suppliers of all kinds. The supplies we use often directly influence the delivery of our programs, giving your brand an opportunity to be a part of the memorable experiences Scouting provides. Purchasing opportunities with the BSA are available at both the national and local level.

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