To reach parents and their kids, brands need to establish trust, and trust does not come easy. Savvy parents are skeptical of marketing messages that target their family. They need to know that the media their family consumes is safe, inspiring, and purposeful. Our magazines, digital media, and television programs have met the standards of millions of families for over 100 years. The Boy Scouts of America offers a full range of advertising and interactive media opportunities to its partners.

These include magazines, digital, and TV.


The three official magazines of the Boy Scouts of America provide compelling content to each of our demographic profiles. The content in our magazines look a lot like our audience: eclectic, curious, and engaged with the broader world. Some of the content is scouting-specific, but much of it isn’t. These magazines target three specific audiences: Youth, Adults, and Alumni.

Boys' Life

With over 4 million readers, Boys' Life is the premiere magazine for kids, tweens, and teens, featuring award-winning editorial, pictorials, comics, fiction and buying guides. It’s been a leader of youth culture for over 100 years, reaching kids through a multi-channel platform that includes the magazine,, social media, webcasting and live events. It’s also the only youth publication which publishes two distinct demographic editions: A younger edition (ages 6-11) and an older edition (ages 12-18), allowing advertisers to target their message and content.

Boys' Life


Scouting is the sacred guide and trusted source to “All-Things-Scouting” for over 3 million leaders, parents, and volunteers of the Boy Scouts of America. Readers use Scouting to plan activities and stay current on Scouting news as well as to enhance their own outdoor and active family lifestyle.


Eagles’ Call

Eagle Scout is the highest rank a young man can earn in the Scouting
program and requires an enormous amount of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Eagles’ Call magazine’s 250,000 readers have earned this rank, and in the process become leaders and influencers in all walks of American life.


Digital Media

We embrace the fact that America’s youth are as comfortable online as they are anywhere else. They’re going to share their Scouting journey in real-time and we’re convinced it will only enhance their experience.

Our digital media include websites, social, video, games, podcasts, and apps that reach every level of the Scouting community, from youth members to our professional staff. These channels not only provide advertising opportunities, but also interactive campaigns that engage people with your brand on a deeper level; a recipe for success in the digital age.


Cub Scout parents, and moms in particular, are passionate about our program. So we created the Cub Hub, a website specifically designed for sharing ideas, stories, and activities about Cub Scouting. It’s a simple site with a simple message: Kids learn most when learning is fun.

Boys’ Life is the premier website for boys ages 6-17 with active and exciting lifestyles. This one-stop site is updated daily with contests, videos, games and lifestyle tips. The easy to navigate layout allows users to learn something new with every click and deepen their engagement with the info they crave.

Scouting Magazine provides visitors with the latest resources and happenings in the Scouting movement. With sections like “The Gear Guy” and “Dutch Treat,” leaders, parents, and volunteers can learn about the latest outdoor gear and new recipes for their next camping trip. You can also keep up with the reader favorite blog “Bryan On Scouting,” which is written specifically for the BSA’s adult leaders. 


When the BSA opened the Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve in 2013, we needed a way to get the word out to a broader audience. So we partnered with the masters of trick-shot YouTube videos, Dude Perfect, who used our property as their playground, sinking shots from the zipline and racking up over 3 million views on YouTube.


Our newest iOS app, Camp Scout helps leaders, volunteers and the public find Scout camps anywhere in the US. Researching the thousands of properties across the country is now easy and intuitive, making it a valuable tool for planning future outings and a great opportunity for advertising.

Film and Television

Scouting has been on the big screen since the beginning, telling a unique story that inspires people to action. In recent years that story has been told on the National Geographic Channel and the Outdoor Channel, not only providing a powerful recruiting tool to reach more kids, but also an effective advertising platform for our partners.

Scouting for adventure

Scouting for Adventure successfully ran for five seasons on the Outdoor Channel. The show followed troops of Boy Scouts as they experienced the high adventure only Scouting can provide.


The National Geographic Channel show Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout pitted 6 elite Boy Scouts against adult men in a variety of Scout-based challenges. The show also featured active web integration, providing an engaging experience for viewers and advertisers alike.

In Development

Scouting Around and Scouting America are the newest members of the BSA television family. Scouting Around will focus on the popular, fun, and informational subjects covered in Boys’ Life magazine, with an appeal to both young men and young women. Scouting America will target parents and other adults, highlighting the best Scout outing and vacation locations across the country. Scouting Around and Scouting America are both scheduled to air in 2015.

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