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For more than 100 years, The Boy Scouts of America has been at the forefront of shaping the character of America’s youth.

  • 50Million
    Living Alumni
  • 2.7Million
  • 1Million
    Adult Volunteers

Today, with over 50 million living alumni, 2.7 million members, and over 1 million adult volunteers, we’re the largest youth-serving organization in the country.

Partnering with the Boy Scouts of America is about creating authentic, relevant ways for your brand to speak to a unique blend of America's youth, families, and communities.


Whether it’s through our magazines like Boys’ Life or through our television and social media channels, the opportunities to reach and interact with our membership base are as deep as they are diverse. Our partners have access not only to advertising, but also to interactive marketing opportunities such as co-branded digital campaigns that engage our audience with your brand.

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Our four National High Adventure Bases and over 1,000 local properties throughout North America are used to build character, confidence, and camaraderie. Our partners sponsor specific venues, activities, and experiences during these life-changing outings.

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With millions of youth participating in our advancement, humanitarian, and educational programs every year, the ability to reach young people in a positive, meaningful way has never been easier. Whether it’s sponsoring a merit badge or leading a STEM initiative, opportunities for partnerships are at every level of Scouting.

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The BSA hosts numerous national, regional and local events throughout the year, including the iconic National Jamboree held every four years. Place your brand front and center at these high-energy, youth-centered events.

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Whether we’re marketing your product or you’re marketing ours, licensing with the BSA is a powerful way to reach a young, energetic market. Outdoor products, apparel, toys and electronics are just a few of the opportunities available.

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Sales opportunities with the BSA include an extensive network of online and brick-and-mortar retail outlets, fundraising avenues, and purchasing channels. Additionally, through targeted promotions a partnership with the BSA can raise your brand’s profile, further increasing sales in more traditional retail and ecommerce channels.

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